How To Choose A Bitcoin Broker

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How do you choose a Trading Platform for Cryptocurrencies?

choose the best broker for Bitcoin trading

Anyone who dives into the world of digital coins, sooner or later, faces the need to choose a stock exchange. There are a large number of crypto trading platform where each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example:

In most cases, crypto enthusiasts are not limited to a single trading platform. For example, some markets are used for daily high-liquidity trading, others for high-risk high-ins trading, others for buying new crypto tokens, and some markets are used for buying and selling cryptocurrencies not represented on the other three sites, etc. … there can be many options.

Don’t forget that when choosing a stock exchange, a trader must entrust the funds to a third party. Decentralised trading platforms, which give total control over the private key and consequently over the user’s funds, are still at an early stage of development. Therefore, in this short guide we will discuss the criteria for selecting “traditional” or centralised crypto sites.

What Criteria should be followed when choosing a Crypto Broker?

There are many exchanges, but the choice is a matter for the individual. We offer you the following 5 most reliable and secure stock exchanges

However, the main criteria to be taken into account when looking for a bitcoin broker are the following

And here are even more criteria for choosing the right bitcoin broker platform:

Improved Cryptocurrency Brokers

cryptocurrency trading site on tabletCrypto money Exchange is a platform to buy, sell and exchange a digital currency for another, or for any world currency, such as USD, EUR, RUR, CNY. Apart from cloud mining with your computer, which is considered to be the main method for creating crypto money, exchanges are the only variant for obtaining it. Furthermore, only by means of the exchanges can crypto money be exchanged for real money.

The classification of the entire list of exchanges can be done conventionally based on one of the most important criteria:

Principles of the Cryptocurrency Trading

crypto trading principlesExchange operations and speculations on crypto money exchanges are similar to each other. To make a profit it is necessary to buy cheaper and sell more expensive. In other words, the same as if you were investing in real and current currency.

It is clear, that the tool base and the principle of target setting for trading are positioned in the same way as on the stock or Forex markets. Those who know how the principles of selling on the stock market, securities and national currencies work will have no difficulty in making a profit by trading in digital currency.

The basic components a crypto trader makes use of in the cryptocurrency broker are as follows:

To understand the essence of the cryptomoney exchangers it is necessary to analyse all the elements step by step.

price chartDiagram is the history of the exchange of one cryptocurrency in relation to another or trust money. Most often, the diagram consists of Japanese candles and visually shows the development of the margin difference.

Orders are classified into aggressive and passive. It is considered passive if it is set for execution without reference to the current rate, but at a level that is supposed to be a strong resistance or support. Exactly this type of bond forms a force of resistance or support levels (sup/res).

Only at the moment when the change in crypto money will increase to the indicated level will it be clear, whether it can overcome it or will it reverse in the opposite direction, after the test. The determining point will be the correlation of the list of trading positions, and the activity of the trade. That is, when bonds are exposed only at the current exchange rate.

Aggressive bonds are those intended for trading on exchanges at the current rate. Otherwise, they are called momentary since they are fulfilled when the first possibility appears, when there is an offer of response. Most of the movement in the chart is based exactly on aggressive orders.

After fulfilling a large aggressive order, the change can vary significantly and result in the activation of an entire list of pending passive orders.
Depending on the history of the transactions made, the total volume of trade on the exchange and a currency pair can be considered. This helps to assess the interest of most participants for a particular cost of the tool presented.

Volume of trade is the number of units of crypto money traded that passed from hand to hand, based on the orders filled during a given period of time. It is clear that we are not talking about a direct delivery of some material object. To make the analysis it is very important to take into consideration the volume that emerged when the price reached a certain level. This fact can be an important signal to start negotiating, pending the next change of cost.

The Differences of the Cryptosystem

Unlike the stock or currency market, the volatility of the crypto-currency exchange is hundreds of times higher. Volatility determines the size of the cost change over a given period of time. For example, at the beginning of 2013 the bitcoin exchange rate has increased by more than 5,500%.

It is impossible to find changes of this size in the real stock, share or currency market. Given the moderate change in stock markets, very large investments would be needed to make a good profit. On the other hand, it is very likely that by making a 50 Euro investment in any of the listed cryptosystems, you could earn from 300 to 400 Euros in a few days.

Clearly you can also lose everything instantly, i.e. high volatility means high risk. It is all related to one’s ability to predict the rate change. Fundamental analysis, based on the news, related to a given crypto money can be used for this purpose. In addition, one can rely on technical analysis. The effectiveness of this analysis is doubtful in relation to crypto exchanges. It is all related to the high volatility of the trading tools and the presence of a not very high rate of systematic events in this market.

In the end, exchange rates are controlled by diversified groups of players who can instantly change the volume of business. At the same time, a large part of the participants successfully apply a few elements of technical analysis to predict the price. In this case, basic tools and simple methods are used that can be more easily interpreted.

Sales news strategies are more effective. However, it is difficult to find the right news about crypto money in time. One of the best news sources are considered to be forums and blogs, where players publish personal thoughts and reasoning about the next development of events.

In the mass media there are also lists of crypto money, but this happens very rarely and with many delays. Therefore they cannot be considered current. Much information can be obtained from the thematic forum

It should be noted that on the crypto money exchanges most of the movement is made up of limited groups of participants who trade large volumes of funds and are able to influence the exchange rate. There is little chance that participants in these groups will start to speak clearly about their intentions.

Therefore, one can only find the beginning of events and raise corresponding orders. Other situations that are more dangerous for a beginner are when some market participants make a bet on a cost move, trying to attract the attention of others at the beginning of a more substantial advance. As a result, most hasty market participants catch the main jump and start trading. In this way they themselves stimulate the movement.

How to trade on the Bitcoin Broker

using a bitcoin broker platformIt is recommended that beginners familiarize themselves with the list of main abstracts, which are

How to choose a Broker

The network offers a large number of platforms for exchanging cryptocurrency, so the beginner may have trouble choosing one of them. We have prepared some simple recommendations that will help you to choose a service correctly and start earning profits in cryptographic currency.

In order to successfully negotiate, deposit and collect funds it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

Daily sales volume. One of the most important indicators of any crypto currency exchange is the daily sales volume. This feature will also help to assess the enthusiasm around a given currency pair, and be able to forecast the next movement of the exchange.

Deposits and withdrawals. Before registering and depositing funds it is recommended that you read carefully the conditions for depositing and collecting the money, and also pay attention to the payment systems that are accepted on the crypto exchange. Playing with the exchange rates of the exchange may not be as beneficial due to the high commission rates when withdrawing the funds. This also applies to miners. The profits from mining will also be lower, so it is recommended to use the platforms with no or low commission to change the cryptomoney into dollars.

Trading pairs. Some popular exchanges specialize only in popular and well-known cryptocurrencies. Even in 2017 there were still platforms that offered the exchange of BTC for USD, which is considered to be a big disadvantage.

Currency exchange. Experienced traders and miners open accounts on several crypto money exchanges at the same time. This gives them the chance not only to find the best deals on the exchange market, but also to win through arbitrage. Monitor exchange rate charts and look for signals to close positions on several platforms at the same time. The profit from these transactions will not be too great, but if all the steps are done correctly you can make a profit. The network offers a large number of gambling strategies on the exchange that can help you profit from arbitrage bets.

No additional software downloads are required. The absence of specialized programs can also be considered an advantage. Do not download unfamiliar trading programs. You can also take advantage of the terminals to exchange the currency for cryptocurrency. The only disadvantage is that most of them work only with Bitcoin, and the exchange rate may not always be beneficial. Recently, universal platforms have appeared that not only fulfil the role of the crypto money bag, but also as a mining platform. One of these is Cryptodia, which appeared in 2017.

How to choose the best Broker?

The cryptocurrency exchanges take part in the development of the new financial tool. Thanks to them, cryptographic currencies can be bought or sold freely as if they were shares, bonds or other securities. However, it must be remembered that cryptomoney is a decentralised system. If you entrust your funds to an insecure platform, which will stop paying them back, no one will be able to return the lost currency to you. Be very careful when choosing exchanges with bonds or keys, as there are scamming sites on the net trying to gain access to the purse through malware and bots.

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