How do you get around the Chinese Internet censorship?

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Circumvent Facebook Censorship in China As a student in the semester abroad or traveling in China German internet censorship and blocking of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, etc. is of course very annoying. Due to the advantages of VPN connections such as the simple and fast circumvent censorship, the increased security and better protection of their own data in Hotel networks and WLAN hotspots as well as the possibility to access German- or American Internet television, decide many foreign Internet users sooner or later to create a paid VPN account with a trial option.

If you want only on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogs, etc. surfing or a few holiday pictures for friends and family upload, usually a simple and cheap VPN account for about 5 euros a month is enough. Only if you need more volume and transmission bandwidth to watch (music) videos on YouTube or stream American series and films on Hulu and Netflix or German TV on Zattoo, one needs a “flat rate” with unlimited transfer volume. Once the VPN account is set up and the encrypted connection is established to a VPN server outside of China, all data is transmitted through a secure “tunnel” and can no longer be controlled or censored by the Chinese government.

The VPN server abroad then serves practically as a gateway to the Internet. All requested data and web pages are retrieved from the VPN server and then sent through the encrypted tunnel to your own computer. Is only visible from the outside, that connect to the VPN server has been established. What data are transmitted in the tunnel, but can not be verified. How to display and past conduct of the government monitoring computers all the desired contents. Access to the Internet is now completely free and bug-proof! As long as the VPN connection is established, any website can be accessed and also blocked programs like Skype work again.

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