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yahtzee-1132533_1280Online Craps, also known as Crap Shooting or Seven Eleven, is one of the most popular dice games available at online casinos. It was introduced by Bernard Mandevill in 1813. Craps is available in almost every online casino these days. As a newcomer to online casino activity, the variety of rules and bets can seem confusing at first glance.

For this reason we will describe all the rules of the game, the course of the game and the possibilities during the game in more detail on this page. You will soon realize that the regular customer is not really that complicated and you will quickly find your way around the game. A very big advantage of online craps is the low house advantage. With the right online Craps strategy, this can be minimized to up to 1.4%.

Gameplay / Rules of the game

As you may have seen in some Hollywood blockbusters, Craps is practiced with two dice. These are thrown simultaneously by the shooter, the player who rolls the dice. If the result of the dice is 7 or 11 (combinations 1 & 6, 3 & 4, 2 & 5, 5 & 6), this combination is called Natural. If a natural occurs in the first round of craps, the shooter wins the game. If the shooter is unlucky and rolls a combination of 1 and 1, 1 and 2 or 6 and 6, the result is called craps and the shooter immediately loses the game.

dice-153283_1280The game is considered a draw if the numbers on both dice are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. In this case, the Shooter rolls a Point.

As the result is a draw, the shooter must roll the dice again. If the Shooter scores the same number of points in the second round as in round one, he wins the game. However, if the result of both dice is a 7, the shooter has lost the game. If another combination occurs, it is a draw again and the shooter must try his luck on the dice again. In round three, the same rules apply as in round two. The game is played until a decision is made.

The bets

  1. Online Craps offers you many different ways to place bets.
  2. The game board can be overwhelming especially for newcomers to this game with its variety of information.
  3. That’s why we’ve made it our business to bring you a little closer to the lucrative betting opportunities in online craps.
  4. For a more detailed explanation take a look at

1st passport

You assume that the shooter wins the game and therefore bet on it. If you were correct with your acceptance, your wagers will be paid at a 1:2 ratio. Your bet must be placed before the first roll of the Shooter and you will receive the winnings after the game is over.

2nd Don’t Pass

This is the equivalent of the passport. As the name suggests, you bet against the Shooter. You are assuming that the Shooter will lose the game. You must place your bet before the shooter has made his first roll. If you win the game, your wagers will be paid out at a 1:2 ratio. Basically, there is no house advantage in this game. For this reason, the rule has been introduced that the game is a draw if the sum of the dice is 12. Thus, the house advantage on the two bets amounts to 1.4%.

3rd Come

cube-689619_1280The Come Bet is similar to the Don’t Pass Bet. The Come Bet will only take place after the first roll of the Shooter. Basically, you must place your bets in the “Come” field. Your bet is considered to be won if the shooter scores a natural in the following roll, but if a Craps is thrown, you lose your bet. If another combination is rolled by the Shooter, it is called your Come Point. Your bets are moved from the “Come” field to the number rolled by the shooter. You win your bet insofar as your number appears as a combination before a 7 as the sum of the dice. Your wager is paid out at a ratio of 1:2. However, if you roll a 7 first, you lose your bet. The main advantage of the Come Bet is that you can join the game at any time.

4th Don’t Come

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