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The American company London Trust Media Inc. provides the VPN offer with the name Private Internet Access. The company’s headquarters is in the United States in the state of Michigan. Although not apparent from the website of the VPN provider, as long as the provider acts already used in the VPN, indicates the wide range of servers point to an experienced provider. More than 900 servers are operated by a private Internet access, which are located anywhere in the world. Since the VPN provider does not limit the number of servers changes, users have the option between the VPN servers and the associated countries to switch at will. The servers are located in Netherlands, USA, Sweden, Romania, Great Britain, Switzerland, Hong Kong, France, Canada, Germany. There are at Private Internet Access a single package that contains all the services of the provider. This fare can be booked with various maturities. Choose from a period of one month, six months and twelve months. Regardless of the term, the customer decides the services included remain the same. Only the amount due for the monthly fee becomes smaller the longer the user binds to Private Internet Access. The package of the VPN provider also contains a proxy service. The customer can choose from a wide variety of payment options. Offered will pay by paypal, credit card, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, CashU, OKPAY, Liberty Reserve and anonymous payment processing via Bitcoin. The operators of Private Internet Access does not limit the bandwidth of the VPN connection. How fast is the connection that is only affected by external factors. This includes for example the distance between the user and the selected Private Internet Access Server. The strength of the server load influences the VPN bandwidth. Finally, it of course also depends on the speed of the Internet connection of the user, how fast is the VPN connection. Check out this site:

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