Sport Bets with Crypto possible?

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football-1274662_1280Of course, sports betting with crypto currencies is no longer a rarity in today’s modern and digital world. The digital currency has numerous features which also make it interesting for sports betting. Deposits and withdrawals to the betting account are processed within a few seconds.

Also worth mentioning is anonymity, because it is the be-all and end-all! At present it is still in the stars whether the crypto currency will actually prevail permanently, but there are still a number of bookmakers who accept Bitcoins as a means of payment.

But what makes the crypto currency so special for sports betting? Which Bitcoin bookmaker is serious and trustworthy? Check out the comparison at to find an answer.

Crypto currency Explanation: What is the crypto currency anyway?

Before we dedicate ourselves to the sport bets with crypto currency, we should briefly deal with the explanation. The term “crypto currency” may not sound particularly trustworthy for many admittedly. At this point one could also include the word “cryptic”, but that would be too simple. If we are talking about crypto currency, we are often talking about Bitcoins. Bitcoins is an innovative means of payment. Yes, we are actually talking about “innovative” here, because its basic idea is not at all so absurd.

Behind the currency is the already familiar Bitcoins system. This is decentralised. This means that banks and the state have no influence whatsoever on the crypto currency. You can pay simply, quickly and securely with Bitcoins all over the world. Of course, there is a prerequisite – betting providers and online shops have to accept this payment method.

The idea of a virtual currency has been around for quite some time, but the Bitcoins have only been on the market for a few years. Currently there are around 1.3 billion Bitcoins in circulation worldwide.
One of the 10 largest crypto currencies in the world is Bitcoin:

Not every betting provider accepts all major crypto currencies, so our guide will always deal with the best known digital currency “Bitcoins”.

Using crypto currencies for sports betting

The transaction costs for digital crypto currencies are very low, so most bookmakers offer a small bonus when the betting account is loaded with a digital currency. This bonus is granted not only on initial deposits, but on all account top-ups. Another noteworthy advantage is that the crypto currencies can be used by all customers worldwide. In order to bet with a digital currency, you must first exchange real money at one of the many crypto currency exchanges.

Bitcoin bookmakers are no different from traditional sports betting providers in terms of their offers.

Crypto currencies enable anonymous sports betting

Bookmakers who accept crypto currencies offer their customers numerous advantages. These include, in particular, the guarantee of anonymity. Betting providers who approve crypto currencies as payment methods only require an e-mail address from their customers. But even this information is not necessarily required for many bookies. If you do not want to enter your everyday e-mail address, you can simply create a new e-mail address for this purpose. However, anonymous betting account openings are only possible if payments are made exclusively via crypto currencies.


The deposited amount is directly available, so that the first bets are not long in coming. Anonymous betting accounts cannot be blocked by the bookmaker under any circumstances. After the bet evaluation the profit goes immediately to the player. Even with high payouts, there is neither an account block nor a so-called limit excess.

What advantages do deposits and withdrawals with crypto currencies offer?

Due to the simple mode of operation, crypto payments are processed quickly and securely by the respective bookmaker. Most sports betting providers have specialised in Bitcoins, which is why they often work together with the so-called Bitcoin system. Thanks to this system, there are no additional transaction costs. The enormous flexibility of the payment system is also worth mentioning, as it also enables money to be transferred from one bookmaker to another.

If you wish, you can also send your credit to friends and acquaintances without any problems. Even the transfer to unknown betting accounts with other providers is uncomplicated possible

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